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About Company

Takht-E-Jamshid Petrochemical Company (TJPC) is one of the major producers of synthetic rubber (ESBR & Co-PBR) in Middle East (Iran). The headquartered office located in Tehran and the production site is located in Mahshahr (Khuzestan province). The company has started its production since 2014. ESBR and Cobalt base PBR are the main products which produce in this plant.

Emulsion Styrene Butadiene Rubber is made by the ‘cold’ polymerization process. SBR 1502, SBR 1712 and SBR1723 are the most prominent grades which produced in TJPC.

Butadiene rubber is produced by a technology of solution polymerization, based on Cobalt catalyst. It contains approximately 96% of cis structure. The commercial trade name of TJPC Butadiene rubber is PBR 1220 and stabilized by non-staining antioxidant.

TJPC concerns about environmental issues regarding air pollution reduction, optimization and energy consumption reduction that knows them as its social responsibility, based on modern standard designs and effluent treatment by installing an ET plant.

TJPC products are available at very competitive prices and we succeed to attract positive feedback from the customers. Technically, many of our clients, especially tire manufacturers, are fully satisfied.

Shortly after the start up, TJPC succeeded in achievement a remarkable domestic market shares and also take its place in global market. Up to now, TJPC could export its products to countries such as China, Pakistan, India, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippian, Bangladesh, Romania, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Brazil.

Last Update : Jul 13, 2022 16:49