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Research and Technology/Goals

The growing trend of the world economy, the increase in energy demand, the key role of oil and gas in the growth and development of the petrochemical industry, the economic and social development of different countries in the world are the reasons that caused the petrochemical industry to take a high share of the world trade. Therefore, due to the increasing value of petrochemical products, the development and production of petrochemical products is considered inevitable. The expansion and increase in the number of players in this industry has created a tough competition among producers.

  In this research and technology is the main factor of competitiveness and one of the most important influencing factors to achieve progress and development in the petrochemical industry, which causes the growth of creativity and innovation in petrochemical industries to recognize and optimize existing processes, recognize and choose new processes, Accessing the technical knowledge of the processes, innovation in the production of new grades of products, designing and editing new processes in the field of production as well as sales, internalizing the supply of chemical needs and the necessities needed by the petrochemical industry, increasing income, reducing energy wastage and optimal use of human power and Productivity is improved.

Relying on the new approach that has arisen in the Ministry of Oil on the role and importance of research and technology, the research and technology unit of Takht Jamshid Petrochemical Industries Company has started its activities in the direction of organizing and expanding research activities. This center is in charge of needs assessment, definition, approval and management of research activities required by the company.

The most important goals of this unit are:

• Innovation in the production of new grades of products

• Quantitative and qualitative improvement of production

• Providing plans to improve quality, health, safety, environment and energy

• Stability and increase in company income

• Creating an effective and continuous connection between the research and technology unit and the operation or integrated process units in order to improve the company's policies, increase production and eliminate process bottlenecks.

• Strengthening effective communication between co-product industries, universities, research institutes and knowledge-based companies in order to expand information, knowledge and technology to the company.

• Determining the committee and research teams and making policies and planning for the regular meetings of the Integrated Research Council

• Cooperating with the HSE unit and conducting research in order to reduce, eliminate pollutants, waste or convert them into valuable materials.


Cooperation for the implementation of research projects in the direction

o Reducing technical problems and solving production bottlenecks

o Completing the value chain of products

o Reduction of production costs

o Improve product quality

o Increase profitability and reduce additional costs

o Optimum use of human resources

o Creating value and increasing competitiveness


Communication with Research and Technology Unit:  M.FARSHCHI@TJPC.IR